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The LIVE Lab

  • The LIVE Lab specializes in conducting clinical trials using exercise training as a means for improving survival and quality of life in patients with chronic diseases.
  • The LIVE Lab uses therapeutic exercise as “medicine” in counteracting modern society’s disease.
  • STAND FIRM project
    STAND FIRM project
  • MUSCLE FUN project
    MUSCLE FUN​ project
  • AQUATICITY project
    AQUATICITY project
  • HYDROSTAMINA project
    HYDROSTAMINA project
  • COLD DIALYSIS project
    COLD DIALYSIS project​
  • HAPPY FEET project
    HAPPY FEET project​

The LIVE laboratory aims at:

  • Promoting “exercise as medicine” in chronic conditions
  • Promoting research on the effects of exercise in maintaining health and improving quality of life in chronic diseases patients
  • Establishing therapeutic exercise as part of standard care in various disease conditions
  • Making exercise training a “life-long” practice for counteracting modern life-style diseases (e.g. obesity, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, etc)
  • Customizing exercise prescription for patients with special needs
  • Conducting and managing randomized clinical trials for various organizations and companies







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